Hand Of Doom Admin Abuse again

  • Hand Of Doom Admin Abuse again

    Your in-game name: China/ Dolphin / Chinese WAr Rabbit
    The Staffs In-game name: Hand of Doom
    Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:21644491
    Description of the Event: I was muted and gagged for no reason
    Proof of Event:

    I am currentl muted and gagged,confirmed by other admins for 1 month.

    Doom apparently gagged me when i was not even on the server at the same time as him.
    In an attempt to not have to deal with him I tend to log out when he logs in.

    I would love to see the some evidence for some wrong doing.
    and even if i did or said something, where is the warning.
    I have not spoken to Doom in at least 2 weeks.

    I don;t use racism and I have not attacked verbally any player playing.

    What is the deal?

    I also want to add I have several demo's of me minding my own business and Doom comes in and starts calling me a piece of shit and other things just trying to start crap

    I want to point out he did something similar to this back in April of 2020

    note that is the second post after he deleted the first.
    Doom lacks integrity and looks for any reason to abuse his power.
    He needs to be removed as an admin,
  • chinasyndrome wrote:

    I want to point out he did something similar to this back in April of 2020
    What about 2019 ? or 2018, you got anything on him in 2017 ? or 2016,15 ?

    chinasyndrome wrote:

    He needs to be removed as an admin,
    I got an great ide! maybe you can replace him as an admin ? you clearly the best admin material we ever have seen around this community. Why don`t you put in an application for root then you can clean up the server. Am sure they give you and all your alt account full access.
    "I can not continue to carry all the crowbars anymore! The way to salvation is exsploring the wilderness, Rust" These are the words of the lord of the 2RS (RustRuneScape) Resistence is futile!
  • You can stop with the "provide demo/proof or else it didn't happen" shenanigan.

    You've acted hostile towards Hand of Doom since a very long time, and you're using an old topic (in which he clearly apologized in) to try to present a bad picture about him, again.
    You're clearly holding a grudge against him, since forever, and that is not healthy, you should learn to move on.
    Whether you accepted his previous apology (in the old topic) or not is a you problem.

    You've said bad things about Hand of Doom behind his back, two available admins at that time can testify to that, always bad-mouthing him, saying horrendous things like wanting him to die slowly and in pain, being a pedophile, and who knows what other things you could have said in DMs or at any other time in the server with other people. You were asked to stop harassing/threatening Hand of Doom.

    I'd suggest you try to handle things more appropriately or without any passive-aggressive-ness included, it's not right or smart, and you're not proving any point, except that you have some problems. Everything can be fixed and everyone get back to their daily lives normally just like before, stop adding gasoline to the fire.

    You're a player, and admins/mods have the final say on their server, if, by chance, they did something wrong, then be wise and try to be normal while attempting to point out the error, the more you continue with this immature/unnecessary behavior, the worse it will get for you, naturally and inevitably, a month of mute/gag is light compared to what you would have received in other servers.