Unfair Ban Appeal

    • Unfair Ban Appeal

      Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64346756

      Your in-game Name: Ilitid

      Why you got banned: "Reason: DOC when we were in active combat. Bans doubled to 4 days, big troll"

      Other Information you think we should know:
      I got banned by nemo for "DOC". He was mad at me for sending him to jail, so we DMd and after we killed each other a couple of times I thought it was enough and decided to leave. I disconnected right after respawning and telling him that Im leaving. There was no combat reinitiated. He didn't shoot at me, he didn't chase me, he didn't even know where I was since I respawned in that hidden dark alley behind the bank. So how the hell is it a DOC??? Am I supposed to stay online until HE decides that he's done and combat is over?

      Also a week before he gave me another unjust ban for killing an under 10 (name: Падж заждался) despite me telling nemo that he was my IRL friend and that we were just fucking around and fighting while talking in discord. Is killing boxes not allowed even when its consensual from both sides?

      He keeps banning me for dumb reasons because of personal disliking towards me. I think that not only should you consider unbanning me and appealing all 3 previous bans by nemo (to avoid him being able to double my ban length further in the future), but you should also review nemo's position since I would consider it admin abuse

      Went through nemo's bans and most of then are just as unreasonable.
      • Three bans for me, all because I trolled him a couple of times and now he dislikes me.
      • One ban with stated reason being just "Dicksucker" (very professional)
      • And a ban for DiscreetRavager. I was online when it happened. Reason? People were trolling (?) ravager and telling him he was invisible (which is either a known client-side bug when one player can be invisible to another player or just a joke since he was visible for me).
      Nemo might be a good player and community member, but I dont think he is a right person to be an admin.

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    • I heard you respawn, I know the spawn points in that area and as soon as I rounded the corner to the alley and you were in my crosshairs sight you said I am bored of this and disconnected. Imo we were still in active combat. Seems as you had it timed perfectly when I was in sight to comment and doc.

      I could really care less you sent me to jail. Whenever we are both active I always dm you anyhow, plus going to jail is all part of the game.
      There are very very few ppl I go after on a regular basis, and the ones I do go after is for a good reason.
      I am allies with like 99.9% of the player base.

      You're ban has expired. If you feel as my ban was inappropriate please post an admin abusee report with proof so I can be held accountable.
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