Announcement Economy reset, Prestige and the future of RP

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    • Economy reset, Prestige and the future of RP


      I know it has been too long since we last had a chat. Many of you have expressed your concerns related to the map, and the server as a whole.

      I want to apologize for the delay in the map change and lack of communication. There have been unforeseen events which have delayed my ability to handle my responsibility as owner.

      That being said, I think you are all due for an update.

      Doggy has written some impressive code related to prestige and the other admins have been busy setting up the new map.

      Starting this week, a new season of RP begins.

      The economy will be fully reset, the DM season standings will be reset, and everyone will gain prestige points.

      Q; how to access rewards?

      Access your points via
      sm_prestige or !prestige

      It will open a menu with the option to buy rewards.

      Q: Why prestige points?

      A: RP has always been about making your way to the top. Collecting as much cash to own a house and building a supply revolvers to rdm the doggy with. However, after the span of a year, and in this case several years, the amount of wealth accumulated can be very high. This makes it difficult for newer players to get involved as they have no hope of catching up.

      However, we want to reward players who have stuck around for those years and have continued to play the game. With prestige, you will be able to secure permanent rewards that will not be reset during any rp season.

      These rewards are set to be mostly cosmetic, such as a custom titles in-game, but there are endless opportunity's to expand on these rewards.
      As of now, Doggy has loaded several rewards to the prestige shop. We have loaded the custom guns plugin, which going forward allows us to implement new and exciting weapons into HL2DM such as the Gauss gun from HL1.

      Q: How are my points calculated?

      A: The prestige calculation is automatic and runs on reset. The system calculates all your total wealth which includes, hours, money, bank, items, property, locks and wage. Then assigns you a point value based on that.

      This currency is stored separate from your regular bank. Cannot be transferred and will never reset.

      Other changes:
      Platinum vip has been removed.
      0s cool-down door hack items will be added to vendors.
      misc minor bug fixes and improvements

      I have not decided on the length of this season, but plan on at least a year. We will monitor and evaluate as the season progresses and the reception of the prestige system.

      For those of you who have stuck around I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your support. I know this year has not been easy on all of us.
      I am grateful you are here.

      I hope you enjoy,