For my own defense

    • For my own defense

      I was playing as a Combine Officer on Cold Community today at about this time of the post.
      There is almost 30 players on running around in the streets.
      Im trying to chase players with crime and catch people, constant combat going on.
      Im trying to hit players with the stun stick and cuff them and there are always other random players running around the roads, so by accident i hit someone else as im in combat and chasing someone else, i get accused of being corrupt, i said it was an accident, and people just start talking shit about it, so i just switched back to rebel and tabbed out to avoid getting a possible black list from Combine. That is kinda rediculous though how i can't even play the game without people accusing me of bullshit. I would of continued playing if i wasnt in fear of being falsely black listed for bullshit. What should i do to handle this situation?
    • I have played cop for a while. The best thing to do is to immediately apologize, try and make up for the action, and then drop it entirely. Ignore the shit talking and all the rest off the bullshit. Accidents happen; if they cant get over it, that is their problem.
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    • Hey you hit me with stun stick and took my pinata away, and I mentioned that to you in game. That's all I said at the time. I was not necessarily upset, but i just wanted you to know what you did FYI as a cop.

      But IMO you did not do it on purpose. If I had a chance to tell you something else, I should have told you that most admins would just warn a cop about that kind of thing as, unless deliberate or excessive in some cases, it really need not be an issue.

      I understand how some players would loose their cool about it and go on here and post because they lost a pinata, and you feel defensive. That's ok. I understand where you are coming from as a cop.

      At the time you sounded frustrated and adamant on making a post about it right away, and I was not going to say anything, argue, or do anything to stop you as it is a players right to post.

      So do not worry about it, accidents happen.

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    • KuroShukun wrote:

      So many people running around, sometimes even teliporting in front of me due to lag, while im swinging/chasing after someone, its a mistake that will happen over and over, i just don't want to get in trouble for it. Perhaps this issue needs fixed in the mod?
      Seems like you might need better internet service to see if it stops.
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