Ban Appeal

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    • Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:7600153

      Your in-game Name: shwifty

      Why you got banned: not sure i think it was ping spoofing or something?

      Other Information you think we should know: To start things off i was banned years ago for a controversial situation due to the fact i was a cop on the server before and i would bhop around the server by double jumping and holding my velocity but apparently when i was killing people going that fast people assumed i was cheating since my internet was not the best back then since i was in a rural area so my ping would sit around past 120ms or more so i completely understand that from everyone elses perspective i would have been very hard to hit but however i don't think i should have been permanently banned for it. I would just like some clarity from the person who initiate the ban on me and on top of that i would like to apologize if i did anything else that didn't correlate with the rules. I was a child back then also I'm 16 now with a job at McDonalds which can further prove that i have grown in maturity and i would simply just like a second chance. i played on this server since 2011 and i would like to come back and catch up with people who are still apart of the community. I would appreciate it. :)
    • I play with 160 ping without any problems. And yeah also this :

      "Laghack.1) Player maintains perfect aim and movement while lagging.2) Player, when spectated, only lags when in combat (for the most part).3) Player lag is unlike anything anyone in the game has seen for normal lag."

      You're not welcome back.
    • i understand. since i wasnt able to record my own game at the time due to a low performance pc i couldnt really prove i wasnt hacking as much as i can plead for the community to believe me, i dont wanna argue whether or not i was cheating i was just simply getting used to having high ping and practicing with bad internet that i would predict some of my shots and to be fair i think people can be lucky sometimes. i just want a second chance to prove i wasn't but if you cant i understand. i will miss the memories i made in this server going back and fourth with koolaid or trying to kill bpn more than twice without him destroying me 10 times in a row but yea... thank you for everything
    • i cant fix my own internet lol, the players showing dems would only show me lagging around but its not my issue if im shooting people when my ping is hitting over 200 and having a major delay in damage to the client. it may show that i hit them in an area it would seem impossible but i was shooting them prior to that. i was trying to explain that but i was banned before that being told to stop even though i cant control it. i was simply doing my job as a cop but everyone on the map was targeting me anyway. even after i was showing the admin who banned me a dem they said it was a fake and i turned my hacks off apparently. but it shoudlnt matter who saw it its the fact the players didnt fully understand why i was killing them.
    • the administrator i told to fuck off kept killing me over and over again saying i was an "incompetent little shit who cant fix his wifi" and that started a quarrel however i would actually like to try and fix the situation. if theres a condition in order for me to join back.