cop strip request

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  • For the first arrest, Nut clearly had the line leading to his known base, he was also there with 10k crime upon me breaking the door.
    His friend Blueticks claimed his bounty simultaneously as I was breaking the door.
    However, me going further in the base (as in breaking further doors) is a lie. Him and Blueticks were right next to the entrance.
    I think Nut is mistaken because he thought the door I broke afterwards was going deeper in the base, when in face, it was the same door in order to leave the base.

    as to Bomber's friend Jerry, he was in his apartment with 4200 crime.
    I broke the door to arrest him. His friend Bomber, - also in the same tiny room - started shooting at me then I arrested him as well.

    Later on, Nut had 4k+ crime again, I kicked two doors to reach him, However, his PD jammer was not on, that was a lie as well.
    Ironically, in Nut's case (no pun intended) the only thing he could've criticized me for, he didn't. Which is that I killed him by mistake instead of skill-cuffing him (because I had a crowbar so I switched to it because of muscle memory instead of the Stun-stick)
    I apologized for that on the spot.

    It seems to me, that these two fellas here are just upset due to their poor taste in teammates and inability to defend against a raid ^^
  • Need to supply DEMO'S!!!! Hearsay without one. Thank You =D
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