New deathmatch server

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    • New deathmatch server

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      So a few nights ago close to a week ago NEOCONFORMIST had been talking about opening up another server with that idea in mind it caught my interest along with a couple other players including runner and lil walker and others, I talked with neo further and discussed some ideas and themes we could do on said server and finally settled on a coLD Deathmatch server something with similar tastes to our current server minus the RP and buying of items and weapons and rather having them by gaining points and skill in the server. I felt this was something that could be heavily added onto and evolved over the years if this new server doesn't flop, that being said I was very curious about developers opinions on this and some of the player bases opinions too. I think having a practice server with a ranking system based on K.D would be fun and possibly spark a new playerbase.

      I feel a list to express some possible ideas would also help encourage and show what some of our ideas are.

      1. A dedicated elo system to insure that kills are tracked.

      2. A respect like level system to rank up in guns and items

      3. Special skins and sounds.

      4. Auto restart so we have minimal downtime.

      5. gangs so you can rank up and see the progress of rival gangs.

      6. Custom color name tags and chats.

      7. Separate teams

      8. Auto jump and Double jump

      9. Same RP map so combat would be similar on main server.

      10. Spectator mode to watch the chaos ensue.

      These are some of the main ideas and I would love to hear more from the community and developers along with some of the staff of improvements or ideas that they may possibly save us some time or hassle or overall make this new game mode better for the community

      -Bring me a dream, bum bum bum bum 8)
    • Dude i think thats a awesome idea, good for people who wanna dm off the RP server. also good so when people dm each other they wouldnt have other players in the way or be in the way of other players in game.. also other players wouldnt get accidentally shot when they are not the ones in combat. id play on it so you got my vote.!
    • A teleport to a separate DM zone under the map might be an easier way to go.
      Not sure about separate rules and score keeping but it would keep the fighting away from the kids.

      Looking at the map cycle though this would be about a year away. I think Rezzo has a map lined up for the end of the year so 2 maps from now.

      Given the lack of available development time in the admin team you'd need a LOT of buy in from other players before it would stand a chance of becoming a thing.

      Good luck with it though.