Sandman Ban Appeal

  • Sandman Ban Appeal

    Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:235137967

    Your in-game Name: Mr.Sandman

    Why you got banned: Advertisement of a different server

    Other Information you think we should know: I feel this ban is incorrect and unfair, I had made a post earlier this week asking the community about a possible DM server and relating to coLD so I posted on the fourm after neo helped me set up a basic dm server with a few features including source mod, after hearing some feedback from not only neo and captain cock I decided that a DM server may not work out in our favors and may not have a long life span later the next day after setting everything up I spoke with neo about creating an RP server and didn't think about my post made on the forum about feedback on a possible DM server which we tried and had up for a little over 24 hours so me and neo continued work on the RP server and I didn't think much of the post on the forum. I in no way have advertised in chat or on colds discord, or forum about our project of an RP server nor will I its a side project and a way for me to learn RP commands and figure out basic source mod commands and different vendors and how item menus work, you can speak with N3mo and he even offered to give up space on his personal server and create a specific server for me and neo to use. Now I did speak to thunder about whether or not I could even put an ip just for runner or welly to even join and he stated no so I followed his word and sent it in a private chat, I feel this ban was undeserved and was from me forgetting about a post that I made a few days prior

    thanks- <3
    -Bring me a dream, bum bum bum bum 8)
  • i do agree that the ban was a bit harsh, sandman is one of the most active players along with others on the CoLD server, i hate to see him banned due to a slight mistake not taking down a certain post that was made about a DM server for coLD just to learn certain commands and the aspect of learning how to set up a server. i may not be much of a voice to this but i and many others would hate to see sandman gone permanently. i just think in my honest opinion he forgot to take it down or didnt fully understand the repercussions of this action. i also was in the dm server when sandman and neo were talking about the feed back from the community wasn't as good as it would be for a rp server. hes also a vip member and has contributed to the coLD Server.
  • I was under the impression that you were advertising it in the server, if that's not the case then I apologize, but I will be checking logs and if I see that you have been telling people about your server then the ban will be reinstated. I would strongly suggest that you keep the server private and put a password on it as you don't need to bring people in there just to learn about how to run a server and roleplay plugins. If you had setup a DM server instead I would have been fine with it but as it is an RP server you can probably see why that would leave a bad taste in the mouth, either way as long as you don't advertise in any way on the server whether in text/voice/other medium there won't be any further action taken.


    Update: I have just been notified that two of our admins have heard Sandman telling a player to go and AFK on his server as the player was leaving the server. Ban has been reinstated.
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