guinea pig + alts

  • guinea pig + alts

    --Your information--

    IGN: ??
    SteamID: 76561198250280824
    Steam Profile: noah

    --Accused member information--

    IGN: ??
    SteamID: ??
    Steam Profile: "guinea pig"


    What rules did said player break?: micspam

    Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: Demo contains micspam immediately after their join to the game, and shows their disconnect. LilRunner had come on just a couple minutes before to warn about him, he had apparently incapacitated another server (according to LilRunner) and caused weird in-game behaviour over there in addition to the micspam. Here there appears to be no meddling with the server, just the spam. They also reportedly have a few alts.

    Witnesses at the scene: LilRunner, Sev, Vox

    Was there an admin online at the time?: Yes, thunder, who was afk (I sent him a message during the recording), and Nemo who was also afk

    If the previous question was yes why did they not deal with this?: see above

    Does this player have any previous bans?: not that I know of.

    Proof of rule breaking:!Aj6gaWpn2OKCiB0uIl80cKrHGZJK?e=ezYSfU
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