Several Months with Crashing Problems

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    • Several Months with Crashing Problems

      I used to be able to afk here all the time with no issue for YEARS.
      Since about i can guess September of 2022, my game seems to crash when killed while afk only on Cold Community.
      Today i connect, and did /switch to cop, and my game crashed again, after being sick of the crashing issue so much, which prompted me to say something.
      I like to stack hours on HL2DM even if im not connected to a server, but if i connect to Cold Community and afk, i 99% of the time see my game is just closed when i come back.
      I crashed TODAY like 5 mins ago from doing /switch, i've tried all fixes. There is something wrong. I can attempt to afk some more on that server if someone is willing to somehow look at the crash logs and pinpoint for me what is going on.
      Because i do not have time for this, i play 4 Real Time Strategy Games and compete with too many people, while running my Resistance group on 20+ games, while being trolled half of the time, my plate is full, it would be great if someone could figure this out, im losing HL2DM hours :(
      55,882 hrs on record
    • Hit me up over the weekend, I would be happy to help out.
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