Announcement 15 years of roleplay: a new season dawns

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    • 15 years of roleplay: a new season dawns

      Dear Gamers,
      We are excited to announce the next season of RP.

      As we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, I believe it's the perfect time for a fresh start in our HL2DM RP server.

      With the beginning of the new season, we are undergoing prestige as we did last wipe.

      Server will reset Saturday July 8th, 9:00pm EST. Server will be locked during reset and You will be credited prestige points during this time.

      Map will be rp_uptown_v4_b12 - Beach summer version

      Alongside the wipe, we have an array of exciting updates, improvements, and surprises in store for this new season. Doggy has been working tirelessly to enhance your gameplay experience, ensuring that ColdCommunity continues to deliver.

      Here is the change-dog since June 10. More updates will follow in the coming months focused on HEV, npc events, and prestige items


      1. Summer 2023 update
      2. + Added HEV suit item : Cost 10k,
      3. lost on death.
      4. Auto heals player when they drop below 60% hp by using food from inventory and allows binding of the following tools.
      5. [Usage:]
      6. bind <key> sm_usehev
      7. !usehev / sm_usehev - auto uses your lockpick/doorhack/cuffsaw on target depending on target type
      8. bind <key> sm_useammo
      9. !useammo / sm_useammo command to refill current weapon type. Note: only one food item can be used at a time
      10. + Shipment sound fixed
      11. + Lower crime values for kills 800->500
      12. + Banking software rewards buffed by 15%
      13. - Food prices increased
      14. + added paintgun
      15. + added grenade models and trails to prestige store
      16. + Changed custom weapons to not be given to players that are in jail
      17. + Added ranks for each prestige season
      18. Server will now restart every 100 hours instead of 24.
      19. 25 custom prop furniture items added by TheDoggy.
      20. + Server is now 100tick, and server networking changes have been made to improve DM.
      21. + AR Balls now damage players again
      22. Pop Limit update:
      23. Thanks to increased efficacy and stability of the mod, we can once again experiment with prop limits.
      24. The prop limits shall henceforth be as follows:
      25. 15 props for regular players, 20 for VIP.
      26. Gang base prop limit increased at 6 per member, max 36.
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      Congratulations to our top ELO gang and money placements.

      I have already taken a snapshot of the current scores to avoid any tampering


      ELO - Also immortalized on the High-scores site, Season 3.


      As we embark on this fresh journey together, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your ongoing support and commitment to ColdCommunity. It is because of you that our server has thrived for 15 incredible years, and we look forward to many more adventures with each and every one of you.

      Prepare yourselves, mark your calendars, and get ready to embrace the new season of ColdCommunity—a place where legends are born and the HL2DM RP universe comes alive like never before.
      See you in game
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