Spider ban appeal

    • Spider ban appeal

      Your Steam ID: U:1:36127139

      Your in-game Name: Spider

      Why you got banned: toxic

      Other Information you think we should know:

      So ive been banned for over 14 months and few days. Since then i really thought my actions and i know i wont do them again.
      If i get unban i swear i will act nice and in way of support the server. I case u wouldnt believe it you can push any perm u want.

      I was in the wrong for making problems in the server I should've stopped at right time. I said my sorry to brenden and lilrunner and lilwalker when they were on diff rp server yea lilrunner was mad at me and at some point we argued but i said my sorry many times.

      I know i have been given multiple warnings and i regret my choices i know if i woudlnt continue i wouldnt get a perm ban. Also i know my last ban request wasnt fully denied by doggy i want tell few words to him. i know a year back i was acting badly and i was toxic i wish it wouldnt happen. Anyway i deff wouldnt go as far as hire a prostitute omg. im not that kind of person my toxic behaviour was mention to be just pure toxic and not some kind of twisted thinking.

      If you remove or shorten my ban i swear i will be nicer player to everyone. Also to admins hand of doom and thundershorts, they really dislike me.
      By that i want to say my sorry to admins Thundershorts and hand of doom for provocation and other dumb stuff i did.
      Aswell i want to apologize to lilrunner and lilwalker for disturbing and toxic post via steam. They are good and loyal member of community and they deserve better treatment than that.

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