Bloodshot's Administrator Application Again

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  • Bloodshot's Administrator Application Again

    Steam Name: Bloodshot

    SteamID: [U:1:36235362]

    Age: 31

    How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: I recently started playing hl2dm rp again but ive been involved with Syle for a long time

    What does being a staff member entail?:Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: I really want to be involved in the hl2dm community again I want to see this server thrive like it used to.

    Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?:

    Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Completely):
    a). Kicking a player: sm_kick player reason
    b). Banning a player(for one day): sm_ban player reason 1440
    c). Creating a prop: db_create
    d). Freezing a prop: sm_freezit
    e). Saving a prop: sm_saveprop
    f). Connecting a prop to a door:
    g). How to look up any SourceMod command: sm_help

    Explain how you would handle the following situations:

    A player says they suspect another player of hacking: I will be in touch with the core staff and if i witness said action will ban that player

    A cop is rdming other players: I will be in touch with the core staff and warn said player if it happens again if I have the perms I will demote the player from cop and or ban said player for 24 hours.

    A rebel is rdming players under ten hours: Have a talk with said player and explain the rules if it happens again kick the player if the player returns and does it again it will result in a ban up to 24 hours depending on the situation.

    A new player connects whom has never played lite rp before: I will welcome the new player have them enable showplugins and tell him or her to type !tutorial and tell him or her if they need help to come talk to me.

    A player says they have lost their cop due to a mess up: I will talk with higher admins and explain the the player that they will be taken care of.

    Have you read and understood the community rules?: Yes.

    Do you understand that it will be your job to enforce these rules?: Yes

    Do you understand that you as a staff member are still to abide by these rules along with others pertaining to staff?: Yes

    Do you understand that misuse of your rank will result in your immediate removal as well as other possible consequences such as a ban?: Yes.

    I want to see Cold Community thrive again! I have so many great ideas and I want to be apart of this great community!
  • Bloodshot is a great dude. Has been around the RP community for years with hl2dm and gmod. Def cares a lot for the game, server and has a huge passion for hl2dm in general. He knows the community well and vs. I think it would be worth giving him a shot.

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