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  • hustler -

    comrade help me with golden vip

  • Birddieboo -

    lol big gay

  • Emperor Jorune -

    Honestly i miss u in the server :(

  • BPN17 -

    profile pic too much sauce

  • koolaid -

    koolaid - 2 minutes ago
    he had 14 k crime and shot at me so i shot him with my 357 as a cop chief of police and sent him to jail so he lets himself out and strips my cop to officer

    koolaid - 4 minutes ago
    why is doggie allowed to cheat

    • Rebel AgenT -

      Holy Shit KoolAid thats a great question i see this was ask almost a year ago , I am new there as if recent and I observed Doggy Cheating in server ( a known cheater )
      then tonight i noticed that admins have the command to strip down to the wireframe view it's actually shown on the admin commands or useful commands so if guys in there are toggling their wireframe they can see location of all players way easily
      this contradicts the rule that admns and cops follow same rules as all other players with out unfair advantage

  • Zod pwned -

    HEY Eldrun ! :D !

  • BPN17 -

    I'm going to rides night

  • BPN17 -

    Good Admin good player 10/10

  • eldrun -

    Not sure how I'm butthurt when you're the one crying about me not playing?

  • eldrun -

    I made BPN co-leader because I don't play that often. I'd rather not play then afk all the time like you do. Not sure what i'm doing that's incompetent when I'm not even around to do shit.

    Moral of the story-I have a life doing other stuff, quit being mad k ?