Rebel Rules

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  • Rebel rules
    Do not exploit glitches found in the game, report them to an Admin immediately.
    Reported glitches won't adversely affect you and will often be met with a gift.

    Do not Glitch or Exploit Explosions, Players or Props through Walls or Map Structures.
    - This includes Explosive Barrels, Grenades, RPGs, SLAMS, Traps or any other Prop.

    Do not kill players under 10 hours unless provoked.
    - This includes killing them with Props or Traps.
    - This also applies to Under 10's killing other Under 10's.
    - If provoked kill them only once, until they provoke you again.
    - Provoking includes Revenge Kills, which are allotted one until you kill them. The Max number never goes above ONE no matter how many times they kill you before you get that one kill in.
    - Bounty Killing an Under 10 is allowed.

    Do not Door Block.
    - This includes but is not limited to Doors, both sliding and swinging, Elevators and Teleports.
    - Example: Spamming "E" on a Door or Elevator Switch to trap another player inside or to block others from entering a map structure.
    - Example: Placing a Prop in such a way that it jams a Door, Elevator or Teleport to affect it's operations.

    Do not intentionally suicide or disconnect to avoid combat, being or to prevent the loss of drugs or cash.
    - Combat includes a Cop attempting to Arrest you.
    - This has nothing to do with the combat flagging system.
    - Combat starts when someone initiates a chase or fires at you, even if they miss.

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    Do not Kill Jailed Players.
    - Cops can kill Cuffed Players outside of Jail.
    - This was created due to Players losing ELO while being spam killed in Jail.

    Rule is Outdated, Players no longer lose ELO while Cuffed.

    Do not evade bans with different steam accounts.
    - This will be met with another ban ranging from double the original length to permanent at the Admins discretion.

    Do not use any external program or modification to gain you an advantage.

    Do not evade gag/mute.

    Respect all Admin's Decisions.

    Do not in any way interfere with Admin Work.

    Do not Impersonate an Admin.
    - This includes using an Admins name as your own or attempting to deceive other players into thinking you are an Admin.
    - Impersonating any Players name in-game may result in a forced name change or punishment at an Admin's Discretion.

    Sprays are allowed however Pornographic sprays are prohibited.
    - This includes softcore images.
    - This includes depictions of a sexual act.

    Superfluous Racism may not be Tolerated, it is up to Admin Discretion.
    - Nazi Propaganda will not be Tolerated.

    Breaking ANY of these will result in a ban for a length of time.

    Rebel Commands

    /items - Allows access to your Inventory[Anything Purchased is Stored Here]; In console you can bind it to a key. Example - bind "i" "sm_items"
    /deposit [Amount] - When facing the Banker allows you to deposit a specific amount of cash.
    /withdraw [Amount] - When facing the Banker allows you to withdraw a specific amount of cash.
    /bribe [Amount] to bribe a cop to release you - remember a cop gets paid by the second that you are incarcerated.
    /detonateprinter - Destroys your printer after 5 minutes - can be used if someone hides your printer thus blocking you from creating another one.
    /push - Allows you to push a player away, Use "sm_push" if you bind it or you risk flooding the server.
    /nojump - Turns off other jumps and makes you immune to fall damage.
    /doublejump - Turns on double jump allowing you to jump twice. If you time the second jump before landing you'll take no fall damage.
    /autojump - Turns on auto jump which allows you to automatically jump each time you touch the ground while holding spacebar. Activates a scripted Bhop maxing out at 530 units per second.
    /jumpmode - Changes between the 3 other modes once, each time you use it.
    /locks - While looking at a door, displays the amount of locks on that door.
    /removelocks [Amount] - Used to take locks away from the door and back into your inventory. ( Look at door )
    /buydoor - While looking at a door, purchase the door for you to own. (Money is taken from the bank.)
    /selldoor - While looking at a door, sells the door you own.
    /givekeys [Number] "Playername" - While looking at your door, gives keys to other players. (Use numbers 1-50)
    /takekeys [Number] "Playername" - While looking at your door, takes keys from other players. (Use numbers 1-50)
    /doorname "Name" - While looking at your door, changes your door message. Please Do NOT rename the door with a For Sale notice.
    Reload (R) Key - While looking at a door, gives you the option to buy the door, lock/unlock the door, or remove keys from the door.
    /messages - Opens the Message Board.
    /spin - Opens Spin Menu allowing you to Spin for a Random Daily Reward.
    /dailies - Opens Dailies Menu allowing you to view available Dalies.
    /elo - Displays ELO Score to Server in Chat.
    /placehit [Name] [Amount] - Places a Hit on a Player.
    /viewhits - Shows a List of Current Hit Targets.

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