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  • Useful Commands
    General Commands & Info

    In chat, a ! preceding the command announces it via chat to everyone. Example - !withdraw 500
    In chat, a / preceding the command executes the command. Example - /withdraw 500
    In Console, sm_preceding the command executes the command. Example - sm_withdraw 500
    Generally, if you have to input something to a command and it has a space in it then Quotes are required. Example - /doorname "bug off".
    For player names you can use a unique portion of the name. Example - /givekeys 2 blo - gives keyset #2 to player JoeBlow so long as there is not a conflict with the letters "blo" in another player name.

    Access MOTD when not ingame.
    Access "new" Wiki via the Forum Dashboard. ["Forum" button on MOTD takes you to the Forum Dashboard]
    Access "old" Wiki via....

    Console is accessed via the tilde key ~
    To enable console: When the game is running hit Esc, then select "OPTIONS", then "Advanced", then "Enable developer console".

    NPCs[Non Player Characters] - Bankers, Vendors, Job Changers, Blackmarket, Drug Buyers etc.

    Generally, Press "E" on one to get a menu via Escape key.
    - You need to carry cash for Vendor purchases - go explore all the NPCs.
    - If you buy some guns, and you equip with one and fire until empty, you have to use ammo from your inventory.
    Selecting another of the same gun just wastes the gun.

    "E" twice on a Banker to Quick Deposit.
    "E" twice on Drug Dealer to Sell Drugs.
    "Shift" twice on some NPCs to Rob them.
    /deposit [amount] - When facing the Banker allows you to deposit a specific amount of cash.
    /withdraw [amount] - When facing the Banker allows you to withdraw a specific amount of cash.
    /items accesses your Inventory [your purchases get stored there]; in console you could bind it to a key. Example - bind "i" "sm_items"
    /push allows you to push a player away. Use "sm_push" if you bind it or you risk flooding the server.
    kill in console - kills you after a delay.
    /job - Often gives you information about your current job.

    Tab key to see players ingame. Score Column is their hours.
    /bribe [amount] to bribe a cop to unjail you - remember a cop gets paid by the second that you are incarcerated.
    /doublejump - Toggles double-jump on/off.
    sm_help in Console for commands.
    sm_searchcmd [keyword] for information about commands.
    Type status in console to see player IDs.
    /detonateprinter - Destroys your printer after 5 minutes - can be used if someone hides your printer thus blocking you from creating another one.
    Type key_listboundkeys in Console to view your binds.

    House Commands

    /locks - While looking at a door, displays the amount of locks on that door.
    /removelocks [amount] - Used to take locks away from the door and back into your inventory. ( Look at door )
    /buydoor - While looking at a door, purchase the door for you to own. (Money is taken from the bank.)
    /selldoor - While looking at a door, sells the door you own.
    /givekeys [number] "playername" - While looking at your door, gives keys to other players. (Use numbers 1-50)
    /takekeys [number] "playername" - While looking at your door, takes keys from other players. (Use numbers 1-50)
    /doorname "name" - While looking at your door, changes your door message. Please Do NOT rename the door with a For Sale notice.
    Reload (R) Key - While looking at a door, gives you the option to buy the door, lock/unlock the door, or remove keys from the door.

    Cop Commands

    /switch - Switches to and from Cop Job/Rebel.

    /accept - Used to accept a bribe.
    /lockdown - Used to active Lockdown, Lockdown lasts 5 minutes and has a 60 minute Cooldown Period.

    VIP Commands

    /vip - Switches to VIP Job./models - Brings up Models Menu./pets - Brings up Pets Menu./petname [Name] - Names your Pet./petstatus - Shows the Status of your Pet./print/claimvip - 'buy' Vip door./unclaimvip - 'sell' Vip door./admin_sounds_menu

    Jump Commands

    /nojump - Turns off other jumps.

    /doublejump - Turns on double jump allowing you to jump twice. If you time the second jump before landing you'll take no fall damage.
    /autojump - Turns on auto jump which allows you to automatically jump each time you touch the ground while holding spacebar. Activates a scripted Bhop maxing out at 530 units per second.
    /jumpmode - Changes between the 3 other modes once, each time you use it.

    Gang Commands

    /creategang [Name] [Tag] - Cost $250k. Will strip Cop in favor of Gang Job, Gang Jobs spawn with 110 HP + Crowbar by default.

    /invitetogang [Player] - Send an invite.

    /kickfromgang [Player] - Remove a Player from your Gang.

    /acceptinvite - Accept a pending Gang invite/declineinvite - Decline a pending Gang invite.

    /leavegang - Leaves a Gang.

    /addgangdoor - Sets a Door as a Gang Door.

    /removegangdoor - Removes a Door's Status as a Gang Door./specialty - Allows you to choose a Gang Job Specialty.

    Casino Commands

    /dice [Number] - Allows a number between 1 and 50,000 to be Bet at the Casino.

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