Conditional Rules

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  • Conditional Rules
    These are rules that are rarely an issue and tie in with the rest of the rules.

    Do not kill players under 10 hours unless provoked.
    - This includes killing them with Props or Traps.
    - This also applies to Under 10's killing other Under 10's.
    - If provoked kill them only once, until they provoke you again.
    - Provoking includes Revenge Kills, which are allotted one until you kill them. The Max number never goes above ONE no matter how many times they kill you before you get that one kill in.
    - Bounty Killing an Under 10 is allowed.

    Houses where the owner doesn't login for 30 days are cleared for others.
    - If you plan on leaving for awhile, sell the house before hand so you don't lose any money or locks.

    - If you give proper notice to administration of your un-expected absence, your house will remain untouched.

    Enclosed balcony's must be able to be properly seen and shot into, USE FENCES ONLY.
    - Open space in balcony area is also required.

    Slams don't discriminate.
    - This applies to Cops as well as Rebels.
    - This excludes throwing SLAMs then detonating them, Placing SLAMs down then pushing other players into them as well as shooting a placed SLAM to kill or damage another player or placing SLAMs on Entrances that only have one way after watching a Player Enter. (Example Shops or Tours of a Players Home)
    - This also excludes anything an Admin can deem as Intentional. (Being done with Malice)

    Multiple Accounts may not be used at the same time.
    - Players are not allowed to have more than one account online at a time.
    - If more than one account is used those accounts my never exchange Wealth in any way.

    Conjoining Houses to form a Larger House or a Gang Base(Follows Gang Base Rules) is allowed.
    - This only applies to specific set ups, ask a Root Admin to determine if you can conjoin with a neighbor or not.
    - The section conjoining houses is no longer considered Public Space, Only Fences may be used to Conjoin Houses.
    - Open space in the conjoined area is required.
    - Maximum of 2 Homes conjoined. (Gang Bases cannot be conjoined with a House to make the Base bigger)
    - Minimum Charge is $650,000 per extra room that would be added.
    - Subject to extra charges.

    Updated 3/13/2021

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