VIP Rules

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  • VIP Rules
    All Rebel Rules, Cop Rules and Conditional Rules apply to VIPs.

    Do not intentionally allow non-VIPs into the VIP Areas.

    Do not sell or give VIP items to non-VIPs.
    - VIP items are exclusive to VIPs.

    If you own a VIP apartment, that counts towards your 1 house limit.
    - If you already own a house you will need to sell it before being able to claim your VIP apartment.

    *Breaking any of the above rules will result in a temp ban or loss of VIP status.

    VIP Commands

    /vip - Switches to VIP Job.
    /models - Brings up Models Menu.
    /pets - Brings up Pets Menu.
    /petname [Name] - Names your Pet.
    /petstatus - Shows the Status of your Pet.
    /claimvip - 'buy' Vip door.
    /unclaimvip - 'sell' Vip door.

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