Gang Respect and Specialties

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  • Gang Respect and Specialties

    Gang Respect

    Gangs have a leveling system similar to cops in that you will level up when you reach the required respect points for the next rank.
    To gain respect you must kill other players, for every kill you gain two respect points.
    If you get killed you will lose one respect point and if you are jailed, you lose three respect points.

    Rankings for respect :

    Mafia Associate 0 - 699 Respect
    Mafia Soldier 700 - 1399 Respect
    Mafia Caporegime 1400 - 2099 Respect
    Mafia Consigliere 2100 - 2799 Respect
    Mafia Underboss 2800 - 3499 Respect
    Mafia Boss 3500 - 4199 Respect
    Mafia Godfather 4200+ Respect

    These values are subject to change at any time.

    Gang Specialties

    Gang Specialties (sm_specialty) are special perks you can take as a gang member that will give you some kind of benefit.
    Specialties can only be taken once, unless you reset them at a banker for $150k.
    There are currently five different specialties you can take (More may be added at a later time).

    Specialty Descriptions :

    Lockbreaker - Has a 50% chance to break two locks with every lockbreaker used.
    Snowden - Able to hack computers while in gang job and has a chance to gain an additional software
    Infiltrator - Cooldown for lockpick, doorhack and cuffsaw reduced by half.
    Exterminator - Gains money for every rival gang member killed.
    Framer - Able to transfer their crime to another player if they pay half of their crime.

    These specialties are also subject to change at any time.

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