Gang Rules

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  • Gang Rules
    All rules that apply to regular players apply to Gang Members.

    A Gang has one Base.

    Gang members do not Own(/buydoor) any doors outside the Base.
    - VIPs are exempt from this and may own their VIP Apartment.

    Gangs are limited to 6 Props per Gang Member, Max 36 Props.
    - This means 5 Members Caps the amount of Props a Gang gets but doesn't discourage having more than 5.
    - Gangs may have a Max of 8 Members(7 Subordinates + Leader).

    Gang Members may not be Cops, choose one or the other.

    Gang Commands

    /creategang [Name] [Tag] - Cost $250k. Will strip cop in favor of Gang Job, Gang Jobs spawn with 110 hp + crowbar by default.
    /invitetogang [Player] - Send an invite.
    /kickfromgang [Player] - Remove a player from your Gang.
    /acceptinvite - Accept a pending Gang invite
    /declineinvite - Decline a pending Gang invite.
    /leavegang - Leaves a Gang.
    /addgangdoor - Sets a Door as a Gang Door.
    /removegangdoor - Removes a Door's Status as a Gang Door.
    /specialty - Allows you to choose a Gang Job Specialty.

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Comments 2

  • IDaab -

    "VIPs are exempt from this and may own their VIP Apartment but cannot have keys elsewhere." They can have their VIP apt, keys to gangbase but no keys to any other houses? Also is this just for vips, say can a nonvip have keys else where?

    • Volar -

      Can have keys but not own anything. VIPS can own their VIP Home instead of being forced into the Gang Leaders Base.