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  • Hey there everyone, I have decided to do a nice friendly item drop next sunday January 21st. The time is not set yet as I will be looking at the best time to do it by when the server pops today. I will have the exact time to be on for it tomorrow. This item drop is a NO KILL drop and I will have an admin there to help me keep everything in order as this event goes on. This event will be about 500+ items, i will give more details later this week about exactly how many. I will be doing them 50 at a time and be launching them off of the Interurban PD. Everybody is welcome and nobody is excluded. I hope to see you there and I am excited to see who gets the good prizes. I will add more updates this week as I pull more of the details together.
  • We've changed the map to Interurban Abuse as terminal wasn't bringing in as many players as we had hoped. Everyone has had their houses and locks refunded to their banks however if you think you haven't been refunded message me and I'll see what I can do.

    As for the events I've decided to make some weekly events and depending on if you guys like them there may be more in the future.

    The events for this week are:
    • Most Kills
    • Best KDR (kill/death ratio)
    • Most money made from printing and planting
    • Most time spent on the server
    First place in these events will receive $500,000, second place $250,000 and third place $100,000.

    The events will run until midnight 1st Jan 2018 after which point the winners will be announced and receive their prizes.

    Again if there's anyone who thinks they still need a refund please contact me, and also leave your thoughts on the events here so I can see if you guys would like to do more in the future.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!

    - Doggy

  • Map Change and Economy Reset


    Now! As of 12-07-2017 the server is up, fully functional

    What? : The server has been reset fully as our yearly cycle continues, and the map has been changed.

    Where?: We have changed the map to RP_Terminal, a Map made by Uberkist.
    Note: If you have beta tested any of the previous rp_terminal maps, Delete them from your hl2mp/downloads/maps folder before joining.


    All new map with Half life 2 inspired theme

    NPC events with cash rewards, Spawnable via PD buttons

    -However much % damage you do to the npc, a payout will be given.

    FPS boosted thanks to ideas from MavFree

    Terminal tvs that show an image of a camera feed that is hidden in the pd.

    low entity count for higher uptimes

    HL2DM Christmas Prizes!
    You heard right, for those that play actively on the new server there will be future prizes given out by staff in hl2dm.
  • Deathrun csgo server

    Now! As of 10-15-2017 the server is up, fully functional and being actively updated!

    • Classic deathrun maps and gameplay!
    • Models!
    • Power ups!
    • Map voting!
    • Map top times!
    • Much much more to come!
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, don't have it? No problem! You can buy it on G2A for $10! (PM me for more info)

    HL2DM Prizes!
    You heard right, for those that play actively on the new server there will be future prizes given out by myself in hl2dm.

    Any other questions can be directed to me and I'll be happy to answer.

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