Pinned All cops must read this.

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    • All cops must read this.

      Any cop caught switching from rebel to cop to exploit / get around game mechanics will immediately lose cop with no questions asked.

      Same goes for any cop switching to avoid losing money.

      Anyone that doesnt know the Cop Rules should read up on them.

      This message is assumed to be a warning and action taken from this point forward wont be questioned when regarding this topic.
      (seeing as you have to know cop rules to get cop in the first place)

      Thank you very much

      Only switch if you intend to play cop
      sniper santa misslelauncher

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    • Cops like having some perks so that they can even be bothered playing cop [so I get told by a few cops].
      One of the 'perks' is the switching so they can safely bank their afk money. BUT, I would like to see a timer of some sort on it - a timer that a disconnect doesn't cancel. Switch to cop and you have to stay there a while.

      There is a great list of ideas from the pre-Cheesy plugin era, some stuff Bob was working on AND a bunch of new ideas. I was leaving all of that until that Cheesy guy had settled the plugin down a bit.

      [Cheesy = TF ]
    • I would like to clear up a bit of firmness-
      The main issue is exploiting with cop & that is inexcusable.

      Other issues were brought to the table because they have been groaned about for months upon months.

      It clearly states in Cop Rules:
      Only switch when 2 or more cops are online.

      Now that may be unrealistic during some ded times ,
      (not ideally, but we need a better spread out cop force / player base)
      but that being said, cops should only switch if they intend to play cop.
      If they bank then switch out of cop, that immediately disregards this MOTD rule.
      If they bank and continue playing as cop however, that could be their perk for playing cop.

      Too many people have just
      -run to bank & bank-
      'd in the past.
      sniper santa misslelauncher