Update 1.03 - Bug Fixes

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    • Update 1.03 - Bug Fixes

      Server plugin Version 1.03 is live!

      This update addresses a few critical bug fixes, but is quite frankly a very small update.

      - Cop wages, earnings from jailing players, and money received from bribes now goes straight to a cop's bank
      - If a cop is AFK, their wages will start going to their money on hand rather than their bank
      - Players with a cop rank are now permitted to afk as a cop
      - Cops drop their cash on hand when killed now
      - Added sm_spec
      - When a player sells their house, and furniture owned by them becomes "global", and attaches to the sold door. The furniture will be automatically owned by the player who purchases the door next.

      - Fixed furniture size scale going back to 1.0 when the plugin or server crashes/restarts.
      - Fixed too little trash spawns for the sanitation workers. It's back to normal now.
      - Fixed jailtime gets reduced to 35 seconds by rejoining the server while in jail
      - Fixed GPS scanner doesn't remove GPS bugs
      - Fixed rejoining game doesn't remove GPS bugs
      - (Other bugs fixed involving plants)

      - Fixed some of the files that get downloaded on EVERY server join. Dance.mp3 still does this even though it's not part of the download lists, so idk. But the 5 other files that did this are now fixed.
      - Waiting on Syle so I can fix the downloads list so that way plant textures actually fucking work for once for players