Announcement SERVER NEWS 3/19/16

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    • SERVER NEWS 3/19/16

      Ok guys, so we had a few bumps with getting the new map up, but now things are up and running.

      So we did a full player wipe.

      All player info except for player wages got reset. I also reset jobs by mistake, but I made a backup of player data, so when I have access to my SQL client later today I will just restore the jobs that way cops aren't wiped and shit.

      I had the server re-process VIPs, so VIPs will get to start off with the normal amount of starting money that VIPs get. If you are VIP simply ask the next available admin for keys to the VIP apartment front doors (which on this map are actually doors that look like buttons which you press to go to the VIP rooms).

      Right now the plugin is at version 1.04 (though I may have forgotten to change the version in the plugin description).
      I plan on having version 1.04.1 out this coming weekend, which will reset all cop jobs to the lowest cop level, and introduce cop experience points and automatic ranking.