(DH) Admin application

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  • (DH) Admin application

    --Basic info--

    Age: 33

    In-Game name: (DH)

    SteamID: [U:1:7171150]

    Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/Dieter782/

    Time played: 750h+

    Skype(Optional): no, no skype, only using FB, and steam


    Do you have a mic?:

    Yes I do, but I almost never use it. Most of the time I just chat. (most of the time, wife is watching TV and can't stand it that talk the whole evening) XD. But yeah if some one need my help, its possible.

    Why are you applying for Administration?:

    Some players askt me to. And I see alot of times when there are no admins online and or AFK. So I took a lottery today, and make myself type /admins 10 times in chat. At random times. And 9 out of 10 there was no admin online. And I truely think that it takes the game and the RP to a whole new level. Because thats what its all about, RP, not just come to play and DM all the time. Its also having fun and help players getting started and create donators. And keep this server up and running. Also this propping thing in game ore for players homes. It keeps surpising me what you can build with that.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server?(Include time zone):

    yeah here I see alot of pre-admins type 7-8h and stuff, and in real time its just 2 to 3h a day, So on this one im a realist. So I say 2 to 3 h but not every day. But always avaleble on steam if any one needs anything, I can log in to the game. (work from home, company owner.) Timeling Brussels Paris

    What is the proper process to deal with a rule-breakers?:

    Give them a proper warning and a clear progressive explenation of what they are dooing wrong. Of that dusnt do the trick, kick,... if I really need to ban for 30min. and contact a higher admin, and ask for advice what to do more if the player comes back and still dint get the memo.

    Do you have previous experience as Administrator?:

    Nope not really, but hey, every one needs to start some day,

    Anything else you would like to add?: yeah If my englisch dictionary in English was larger, I can add alot, expressive to this great game and server.

    --End Application--

    Yes, this application is short. But we expect to know you well if you apply.
  • Dane Vogel wrote:

    With the amount of ban requests and player reports, I'm.pretty sure he'll just wind up banning everyone.
    No not really, I just think there are rules for a reason. And thy need to be follewed. by everyone, the only reason I post alot of stuff and outher players do not. I that I really think its worth my time to make a ban ore "lesson" request. its not because I post a "banrequest" That I'm asking to ban this player. Just because some players dont lisen to me when i'm thelling them thy are dooing some stuff against the rules. Most players I talk about it, thy just dont think its worth there time. Because thy think, most of the time, the reports lead to nothing.

    When you look at my app, you can read there that IF I where an admin and I think its needed to ban a player. I would always contact a higher admin for advice before my actions. So That I would learn the proper way to deal with rules breakers. Maby a treath where admins can follow what ban time allpys to what kind of rule breaking.

    But what the hell dit you let me talk about?? XD that not why I apply for admin XD I apply to learn how to help the server and help players set up and to keep this great game alive.
  • I feel (DH) should get a chance as Trial.

    Yes he does a lot of ban requests but that is one of the things I like about him, he brings things to attention. The only ''gripe'' I may have is how when he's upset he'll caps lock cuss you out.
    As long as he can keep a cool head and does what he says he would and ask a High Admins advice on something he's not sure about then I'm all for him.

    He's been around quite awhile and is active as well as knowing the Rules.

    +1 for Trial.

  • I dont see the way that you getting accept here.
    Your active thats true but thats all.

    You rages too fast and act mostly wrong and that can be quickly wicked.
    You breaking alot of rules over rebel and police sides since today.
    I never seen that you helping new players and a lot of players dont really like's you.

    Dragonheart wrote:

    And I see alot of times when there are no admins online and or AFK
    A lot of admins are in Steam online and can be messaged.

    You get an -1 no here from me.
  • Sorry but i rly dont know , i´d not a easy time with this guy . I fighted with myself to say yes to Cop but he dont play it much, i have to say him to switch then he do , and admin ...

    The bans on him is one thing but the reports from player on him .... one mad word and what happen xD kick/ban ?
    The maybe is more aktive but sorry admin no chance .

    From me -1
  • sigh, another ap in the wrong folder :(

    I am all for giving DH a try when there is a vacancy.
    [He noticed an oddity earlier today and got me to work through it with him. It turns out he hadn't previously known that cop shooting rebel results in crime going down.]
    While he continues to check with others I think it will work out.
    ESPECIALLY if he can actually QUOTE the rule involved instead of using an opinion. [This week's hobby-horse :) ]
  • Just got banned by this trial admin for swearing in Russian. Nord was teaching me how to curse in Russian, and this sensitive dude thought I was talking about him, when I was learning Russian from Nord.

    Furthermore, he gagged EVERYONE (when it was only PR2S and I talking) when me and PR2S were discussing the political pressure happening in Crimea/Russia and discussing global politics.

    Just want to let you know what we think of this trial, which isn't fit for an administration position.

    PS; he didn't know how to ungag after he abusively gagged the entire server.