Map Ported from GarrysMod

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  • Map Ported from GarrysMod

    Hey HL2 Community,
    I'm here today to share a great map. Weather it is used or if I just get criticized for even attempting to share, I just want to help the community and share an amazing map.

    The map I am speaking of is yet another one of the countless revisions of the legendary map RP_DownTown. Yet this revision is the best in my opinion.
    It is called RP_DownTown_Reloaded and can be previewed at (which was the original release).

    When I mention porting the map I am speaking of packing the textures required to see the map into the single bsp file. The map totals up to around 100mb because of the fact I had to pack some CSS Content and other textures required by the map.

    The map can be downloaded from my private web server.
    To whom ever doesn't understand how to test the map file;
    1: Open The zip file
    2: Navigate to your Steam Directory then Steamapps/common/half-life2:deathmatch/hl2mp/maps
    3: Extract the .bsp file from inside to zip to the maps folder
    4: Restart/Start HL2DM >Start Game> Choose Rp_downtown_reloaded
    5: See the magic

    I hope the community decides to consider and discuss the map. I hope you all enjoy the map as much as I did.

    Thanks for reading

    lool <-(These emojis are fucking boss)
  • Very interesting map, I will try it out later. One thing that concerns me is that all of the people who created the map are very detailed people. If the entities count is lower than 1400 we will proceed to looking on to this. And even then the map has to fit the HL2DM RP nature, like big gang bases, a police station, secret rooms, a furniture room and so on. I will check it out later though, cool map by the looks of the preview photos. Ty for the suggestion.


    LUCIFER :evil:
    OI OI OI

  • Interesting map by the looks of the the screenshots, As Lucifer stated. It will need to fit into the whole HL2:RP (Plugin) Vendor areas, (shops) Police station, ect.
    Just looking at the screenshots of it, Makes me wonder about the entity count as the map is highly detailed. (Compared to many maps we have in our map cycle)
    But I'm sure Lucifer and the other administrators will look into it all.
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  • I checked out the map, 1300 entities. Big map but unfortunately, no proper PD. One apartment building and most are just big warehouses. Like I said its need to be made in the HL2DM RP style, there is a few odds and ends that need to fixed, if some one is willing to put the time in effort if could make in to a new map change. 6/10 map.
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