Danilo's Ban Appeal

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  • Danilo's Ban Appeal

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24223188

    Your in-game Name: ¤ Danilo ¤

    Why you got banned: Exploit

    Other Information you think we should know:

    I got permanently banned from the server for "exploiting".
    My inventory, at random intervals (idk how and why) would duplicate itself right after the server crashed.
    I thought it was "ghosted" or unusable items, so i didnt do shit with them.
    But after some time it happened again and again and having a double inventory would confuse and annoy me.
    So, i dropped the items, thinking it would fix the problem, but when i took them back, it would "join" them together with the other.
    In real life, i love to collect all sort of things, like my old toys.
    Even if they're broken, old, dusty, i keep them stashed in a box.. i dont throw them away, it makes me feel sad.. and the same happened on the server.
    I just wanted to collect them all. I didnt give, nor sold any of them, not even once, i get attached to material goods way too much.
    Even the most stupid item is worth something for me,i just put them in a box but at least i own it, it's there for me.
    The reason why i didnt tell it, is because i was so damn scared, of everyone, and of their reactions.
    I didnt want people to think that i abused of this bug to make myself rich, because i didn't.
    True that i had lots of items, but i didnt "abuse" them. I didnt get any richer, neither any poorer.
    For exampe, owning more than 1 doorhack, does nothing.
    I would understand if it made it faster, but not even that. So yeah, i had no advantages from that.
    Im sorry, deeply sorry. I should have confessed it. I loooove the server, a lot, it's the first decent server i found in so many years..
    I hope that my not selling and not giving anything away can help me get unbanned, because i really didnt want to be unfair to anyone.
    All the money i had, was sweated money, with drug, killings, robberies, and such.
    Im really sorry, i hope that you can forgive me and let me play again in this awesome community.
  • The Doggy wrote:

    Novaaa wrote:

    Joe got banned for the same thing and got unbanned. I don't see why Danilo can't get unbanned.
    Joe reported it even if it was a bit late... Danilo didn't report it because he was apparently scared of what would happen, even though he would have gotten mostly the same punishment as Joe.

    ChinaBoy wrote:

    Please read what Volar said to Lucifer. Thank you.
    “no admin for nova“- The Doggy 7/3/2018 @21:50pm (9:50pm)
  • After a lengthy discussion about this issue , the admin team has decided to reduce your original ban. However , additional time was added to your ban due to your use of multiple item binds. Reporting a glitch such as this one , would have earned you respect from our admin team , and possibly a reward of some kind. Also , please refrain from using item binds in the future.
  • I thank the admin team for accepting my ban appeal and reducing the ban lenght, allowing me to come back on the server.
    I wish i told it, so this all wouldnt have happened.
    I will do my best to report every future bug, if they ever happen, to atleast gain the respect back.
    I will remove my item binds as-well.
    Again, sorry for everything and a huge thanks to everyone.