Announcement New Map + Events!

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    • New Map + Events!

      We've changed the map to Interurban Abuse as terminal wasn't bringing in as many players as we had hoped. Everyone has had their houses and locks refunded to their banks however if you think you haven't been refunded message me and I'll see what I can do.

      As for the events I've decided to make some weekly events and depending on if you guys like them there may be more in the future.

      The events for this week are:
      • Most Kills
      • Best KDR (kill/death ratio)
      • Most money made from printing and planting
      • Most time spent on the server
      First place in these events will receive $500,000, second place $250,000 and third place $100,000.

      The events will run until midnight 1st Jan 2018 after which point the winners will be announced and receive their prizes.

      Again if there's anyone who thinks they still need a refund please contact me, and also leave your thoughts on the events here so I can see if you guys would like to do more in the future.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!

      - Doggy

      NOTE: To qualify for best KDR you must have at least 100 kills, I ain't giving someone with 20 kills and 0 deaths 500k fuckers.
    • The winners for last weeks events are:

      • Most Kills - 1st: B O N E W I S H (490 kills), 2nd: [GO] Fish (458 kills), 3rd: The Doggy (398 kills)
      • Best KDR - 1st: The Doggy (12.0 kdr), 2nd: matu (5.4 kdr), 3rd: B O N E W I S H (5.3 kdr)
      • Most money made from printing/planting - 1st: The Wall (145k) 2nd: the dog's what ??? (130k) 3rd: Moon (100k)
      • Most time spent on server (results are skewed on this due to me fucking up sorry ;( ) - 1st: littlepizzabutt (315 hours), 2nd: Vikinatorr (247 hours), 3rd: Noisyworm (244 hours)
      There won't be any events this week as I haven't had any feedback here and I can't think of different events to do.