Pinned Weekly Event Megathread

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    • Weekly Event Megathread

      I'm going to be posting any weekly events that happen from now on in this thread so the news/announcements don't get filled up with this shit.
      Originally I wasn't planning to have any events for this week as I didn't have any ideas for them however greaser gave me a couple ideas so he's the only reason these are still happening, if anyone has any ideas for events please post them here otherwise they'll stop being a thing pretty soon.

      Events for this week are:
      • Most Shipments Found
      • Most Cuffs
      • Most trash picked up
      • Time spent on the server (since I fucked it up last week)
      The prizes are the same as last week however since this is starting late the events will run until the 9th of January at midnight.

    • Most money made from robbing
      Most money spent (and not refunded through buyback)
      Most money made total
      Most food eaten
      Most time spent in jail
      Whoever kills Doggy the most/ Most Doggy kills
      Whoever accesses their sm_items the least
      Most doors hacked
      Most cuffs uncuffed
      Most locked doors lockpicked

      Just a few I could think of... some are random, and most can be swapped out from week-to-week
      sniper santa misslelauncher
    • Winners for last weeks events are:
      • Time Played: 1st - MeTaL ^x^ (154 hours), 2nd - littlepizzabutt (126 hours), 3rd - Darkstarr (114 hours)
      • Shipments: 1st - MeTaL ^x^ (20 shipments), 2nd - The Wall (13 shipments), 3rd - Raiva & ¤ Danilo ¤ (11 shipments)
      • Cuffs: 1st - Greaser (348 cuffs), 2nd - Vikinatorr (286 cuffs), 3rd - 0at (240 cuffs)
      • Trash: 1st - The Wall (11773 trash), 2nd - Tree Pigsy (5523 trash), 3rd - Jewbacca (1807 trash)
      Congrats to all of last weeks winners, next weeks events may be a bit late since I'm busy for the next few days.
    • Winners for last weeks events are:
      • Terminals Hacked: 1st - P0rnstar Gangster (668 terminals), 2nd - BOB for PRESIDENT (433 terminals), 3rd - KelpyG (160 terminals)
      • Jail Time: 1st - Cham (3 hour 47 min), 2nd - P0rnstar Gangster (3 hour 40 min), 3rd - KelpyG (3 hour 17 min)
      • Money Spent: 1st - Greaser ($750,000), 2nd - BOB for PRESIDENT ($588,940), 3rd - ¤ Danilo ¤ ($573,070)
      • Players Cuffsawed: 1st - Eldrun (11 cuffsaws), 2nd - Asher (8 cuffsaws), 3rd - P0rnstar Gangster & ¤ Danilo ¤ (6 cuffsaws)
      I don't have any new events for this week so I may reuse some of the other ones or just not have events this week.