Item Drop Next Sunday

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    • Item Drop Next Sunday

      Hey there everyone, I have decided to do a nice friendly item drop next sunday January 21st. The time is not set yet as I will be looking at the best time to do it by when the server pops today. I will have the exact time to be on for it tomorrow. This item drop is a NO KILL drop and I will have an admin there to help me keep everything in order as this event goes on. This event will be about 500+ items, i will give more details later this week about exactly how many. I will be doing them 50 at a time and be launching them off of the Interurban PD. Everybody is welcome and nobody is excluded. I hope to see you there and I am excited to see who gets the good prizes. I will add more updates this week as I pull more of the details together.
    • Shit ill give you some items as well if you want.. try to get items from other people too so you can drop a shit load of items on mofos!! Great idea though Metal usually people do item drops kind of impulsively but to post about it is a good idea so more people can show up (could increase population too at that time) if they are around their pcs around the time of the drop. Thanks for the heads up.
    • UPDATE
      So the drop will start 8pm central american time or 3 as far as server time goes. I don't have the total number of items i will be dropping yet, but there will be alot of items and i will be dropping them 50 at a time. so even if you are late this even could go for 2 or so hours.
      Types of Items included in the drop will be: Weapons, skins, lockpicks, doorhacks, lockbreakers, locks, trash, food, PD jammers, PD scanners,hacking software, Dopings, printing suplies, and planting supplies. I have also decided that as part of the rules to ensure fairness, noone will be closer to the PD than the stairs, as soon as the items fly, it is fair game as to where they land and who gets them. I will explain this better at the time of the drop. See you all at 8pm central time on the 21st!

      I counted the items i currently have for this drop and its at a whopping 1,369 items! I will be gathering more and more this week and hopefully I will hit a whole 2,000 items for this drop. So I hop you don't plan on missing it, I also might move the drop to an hour earlier because with so many items it will take some time. I have to drop them 50 at a time, which means at 2,000 items i will be doing 40 individual drops. I will announce by friday if i change the time so as of this message, it is still at 8pm central. See you all there!

      The item count has now exceeded 2500 items! Some people have donated items to this drop as well, so I would like to thank KOOLAID and Vikinator for contributing to this event. At this rate I feel the event will hit 3000 items!

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    • I'm going to do it 50 items at a time, so that it wont crash, im not doing all 3,000 at once

      The current Item count is 2,966 Items! I still have some funds to buy some more items with so we will be exceeding 3,000 Items. To keep the drop to quicker and to try and prevent server crashes, I am gonna be doing some items in multiple counts. That way we can try and keep the ent count lower and keep the server from crashing. I would like to thank everyone who has help contributed. Vikinator, KOOLAID, Greaser, Yankee Jack, HAND OF DOOM, and Mav. I thank all of you for making this event even Bigger! I plan on doing more events in the future, see you all on sunday!