[There you are!] [Beep Boop]

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    • [There you are!] [Beep Boop]

      We interrupt this program for a message from our sponsors. Is your home being invaded by criminals? are you just tryna run a shop but that one guy won't stop T bagging your corpse? then you need the Aperture science turret, now with hat accessories. it's simple, place it in your home and program it to target certain players. gone are the days of robbery or home intruders. the turret is completely invincible too! and able to withstand any inventions made by our rivalling compony (Black Mesa) they can't even pick up these bad boys! just ask your local furniture store owner or gods to deliver one straight to your home. even give them a nickname! I called mine Cave Johnson. now with our new development group the cold community. if they accept our contract, you'll be able to have your very own Aperture Science turret in your establishment. last time I checked those guys in amsteville were pretty violent. If you want to support the construction of the Aperture Science Turret. just reply with [Black Mesa sucks]. this will let us know you give a thumbs up to our cause!

      please add this im tired of getting robbed