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    • So ive realise that the cop ranks are a bit wierd
      whit Police Major (3500 xp) you spawn whit 3 smg grenades
      whit Police Colonel (4200 xp) u spawn whit 1 smg grenades
      whit Cheif of Police (4900 xp) u spawn whit 2 smg greandes

      Could we change it to Major 1, Colonel 2, Cheif 3 sicne the major rank is the best rank for a cop atm

      Also could we change Robbery dailies? atm if u get Robbery III u have to rob 45 npc's witch take a really long time if u compare to other III dailies
      the crime u accumulate is like 800 per npc witch would be 35k for 45 robberys, so u get bounty and killd, so it can take hours to complete the dailie,,

      Thanks Wobin