A CFG file for shortcuts to commands

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    • A CFG file for shortcuts to commands

      I have a cfg for the server which has some pretty useful in some cases binds for the server. A shortcut so to speak.
      Use that link to download.
      Once you have the .cfg drop it into your cfg folder
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg
      and then start your game and type "exec CoLD"
      in console and it will work in game if you type aliases in game.
      if you don't trust my link you can make the cfg manually with the commands at the bottom. go to the directory create text file paste that in and then save as any name you want .cfg and make sure you use the name of the file to exec in game and use.

      I wish everyone luck with this and you can ask questions by replying or on discord. I will update this with some stuff when the server gets more added to it and more set in stone commands.

      // Plant Commands
      alias "water" "+use ; -use ; menuselect 1"
      alias "harvest" "+use ; -use ; menuselect 2"
      alias "moveplant" "sm_moveplant"
      // Tele Commands
      alias "TPS" "sm_telestart"
      alias "TPE" "sm_teleend"
      alias "FreeTP" "sm_teleprice 5"
      alias "TPsettings" "sm_telesettings"
      alias "tpkill" "sm_telekill"
      // Door Commands
      alias "Buy" "sm_buydoor"
      alias "sell" "sm_selldoor"
      alias "doorinfo" "sm_door ; sm_locks"
      alias "locks" "sm_locks"
      alias "take10locks" "sm_removelocks 10"
      alias "removelock" "sm_removelocks 1"
      alias "doorhelp" "sm_doorhelp"
      alias "keyhelp" "sm_keyhelp"
      // View commands
      alias "hudred" "sm_hudcolor 255 0 0 255"
      alias "hudblue" "sm_hudcolor 0 0 255 255"
      alias "hudgreen" "sm_hudcolor 0 255 0 255"
      alias "tp" "sm_thirdperson"
      alias "fp" "sm_firstperson"
      alias "beam" "sm_tracers"
      // Model Shortcuts - Changes models with one quick command without navigating the menu - Gave up easier to select models on your own
      alias "prof1" "sm_models ; sm_models ; menuselect 8 ; menuselect 8 ; menuselect 8 ; menuselect 5"
      alias "LeetA" "sm_models ; sm_models ; menuselect 1"
      alias "LeetB" "sm_models ; sm_models ; menuselect 2"
      alias "LeetC" "sm_models ; sm_models ; menuselect 3"
      alias "model" "sm_model"
      // Gang/Clan commands
      alias "Gang" "sm_clan"
      alias "joingang" "sm_acceptclaninvite"
      alias "Clan" "sm_clan"
      alias "joinclan" "sm_acceptclaninvite"
      // Misc
      alias "challenge" "sm_dailies"
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