Incentives to play as cop

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    • Incentives to play as cop

      So what if there were permanent upgrades you could exchange experience points for or either in game money to increase your movement speed, health or suit? I feel like a lot people will apply for cop and get it only to get blasted as soon as they exit the PD repeatedly because they only have a pistol and a little bit of health. It takes a while to get to a rank where you can really defend yourself or catch people before dying. Another idea would be to get more cash for cuffs or at least keeping people in jail so that the money you get from playing as cop can actually compete with some of the rebel jobs
    • I agree, there is no incentive or reason to play cop than to be bullied by other players because you know you are gonna get shot but you gotta wait for them to hit you in the head with a revolver first.
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