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    • Rust Runescape 3X Server

      Your Steam ID:

      Your in-game Name:Kentkush

      Why you got banned: No Reason Given

      Hello and am sorry to inform you that a moderator who goes by the name (Koala) (on the Runescape 3x server) has banned me without any given reason whatsoever. My username is but I just recently changed it back to just kentkush. He also thought it was appropriate and proceeded to call me slurs and act aggressively towards me. Most of the people I've met on this server have been nothing but kind and friendly with me(even after I raid them) and vise versa. Your moderator Koala obviously couldn't control his temper on being raided by me and also proceeded to use an ability of sorts to not be seen by me AT ALL. It seems as if he was using an unlimited invisibility spell like there is in this server but normally mine only last for about 3 seconds. Also I have a very good ear and headphones to hear every little thing and places where he wouldn't be able to get to without making some sort of sound. He seamlessly was just there and gone in an instant. Also he was tracing my user name im assuming as he knew when I would be away from him and that's when the activity of explosions and such would start from HIS SIDE on his now re raided base and my small base close to his.. Even if I was unseen inside his raided base or the one I built next to his. He would not engage unless im either far away or in one or the other bases and was never seen by me whatsoever for a whole hour almost of me just trying to catch a single glimpse of this guy thats all around me it seemed. He was obviously not trying to engage in pvp forcefully or be seen for that matter even. Just wondering if there is anything someone could say about it or if you would like to ask me anymore questions feel free I will leave pictures of our conversation attached and the ban for no given reason other than getting pwned.
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