Announcement New map up = rp_abusemecity

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    • New map up = rp_abusemecity


      We have decided to change the map to an old favorite from :AP: for our next cycle : rp_abuse_me_city_v3c. Map is live now

      Big thanks to :AP's: finest @ThunderShorts for providing the map and admins for setup

      With this update doggy has made updates to challenges, adding in a monthly challenge block as well.


      1. New Years 2024
      2. + Revamped challenge system (see wiki:
      3. + Some menus have been randomized to help prevent binding
      4. + New item Super Lockpick added
      5. - Assassin job removed
      6. + Misc fixes and stability improvements
      7. January 20th 2024
      8. + - Fixed Mercenary challenge progress being given to wrong player.
      9. + - Changed Mercenary challenge to not give progress for claiming a hit that you placed yourself.
      10. + - Fixed Vigilante challenge progress being given to wrong player.
      11. + - Made stripper money go to bank instead of cash.
      12. + - Prostitute challenge now gives progress for the most expensive sex option only.
      13. + - Healer Main challenge has been changed to require players to use medkits instead of having other players buy medical services from them.
      14. + - Capitalism challenge has been modified to deficit progress if money has been received from another player or has been picked up from the ground.
      15. + - Reward for robbery challenge has been increased.
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      Welcome to Abuse_me_city. It's safer here.

      Remember to use sm_refunddoor rp_city26_v2