Ban Appeal- Mr.Sandman

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  • Ban Appeal- Mr.Sandman

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:235137967

    Your in-game Name: Mr. Sandman

    Why you got banned: Advertisement of a different server/ advertisement.

    Other Information you think we should know: Hello Cold community, I just recently moved and was able to setup my pc and just now got a chance to get back into my games again, it's been quite a while and I've personally changed quite a lot since I was last here and miss the players and everyone I used to talk to. I've realized the error of what I did and acted inappropriately and was banned fair and rightfully so, but I would like to ask for forgiveness and try and start anew and play one of my favorite games and enjoy this place as I remember it. I understand the mistake I made and wish to try and correct it as I feel nearly 2 years is a long enough punishment. I hope to play again and enjoy the server again.
    -Bring me a dream, bum bum bum bum 8)