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    • that's not what i asked for... my question was if we can rob 2 npc's at the same time but making the job even worse than it already is is very demotivating.

      the server has already received so many nerfs if it continues like this it's really no fun anymore.

      and the server already doesn't have many players at the moment, but then not even listening to the wishes of the remaining players only ensures that there will be even fewer or at some point no one will play on the server anymore. i think i can speak for all players when it comes to robbing 2 npc's at the same time, that's not just my wish but of all those who are still active.

      tbh i will stop playing on cold if this continues because it takes all the fun out of the server as it used to be.

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    • i'm really not getting your point here, what i've changed has the exact same outcome as if i had let you rob 2 npcs, the amount of time that it takes to complete robbing challenges has been halved so the reward needs to be halved as well to keep that same level of balance. but for some reason you're under some placebo effect where you think that being able to rob multiple npcs would be better when in reality you get significantly less money than just robbing one at a time.

      its wild to me that challenges are the most overpowered money making mechanic that has been added since well... forever and even that isn't good enough to keep people placated, like what am i supposed to do? should i just make picking up a coin off the ground give you a billion dollars? would that make the little gremlins in your brain that love to watch numbers keep getting bigger satisfied?

      anyway, thanks for the reminder that if i ever do anything that can even be slightly misconstrued as nerfing the game it's responded to with general backlash and empty threats, more reasons for me to stop trying to keep this dead game alive.
    • I like the billion dollar coin idea, but I really have to actually pick it up?
      Can't the coin move to me while I'm afk?
      Yea, that's a better idea. I want that and I want it instantly. If its not done before I finish typing this sentence I'll throw my laptop at a wall and then you'll be sorry.

      In all seriousness, I suggest you let the money grinders take away a full copy of the mod so they can sit and grind themselves up the billions on their own, forever.

      The last time I really laughed while on the server was when the mod broke and everyone was just spawning on the spot with weps and killing the shit out of each other. No money, no points, no arguments.
      That was fun.

      Still love the mod and the server, just wish the community bit would come back.