Job: Hitman

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  • Job: Hitman

    As a hitman, you can kill players if a hit is placed on them.
    /viewhits can be used. This will open a menu listing the hit list
    /placehit <player> <bounty> will place a hit on a player
    Pressing E on a player will also give players an option to place a hit
    /cancelhit will cancel whatever hit you placed on a person

    To claim the reward money, simply switch to the Hitman job and kill people on the hit list.

    If you place a hit, and you or your target disconnect from the server, a 90% refund will be given.
    If you cancel your hit using /cancelhit then a 90% refund will be given.
    If the plugin is stopped, but not due to a crash, then all placed hits will be 90% refunded.

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