How To Be a "Good" Cop

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  • Following the cop rules is not enough to be a respectable officer in the rp community. Below are a few unsaid tips for first time officers that would like to be respected and recognized for doing there job!

    Each tip will be supported by a selfish reason and a selfless reason.

    Heres a scenario where this comes into play. "You have less than 12/32 players in an rp server, crime is extremely low, rebels are getting crime through petty means such as robbing, or occasional growing/printing"

    Why is it good to cuff/uncuff?

    By cuffing/uncuffing, you are subconsciously encouraging more crime activity! You are lowkey telling them "Yo, keep commiting crime, its cool for now, do your thing."

    Eventually, the crime rate will get higher - even if you are technically resetting there crime for free - the rebels will eventually be comfortable enough to commit more crimes!

    When time passes and the server gets more active, THATS WHEN you can jail people - but always jailing petty crimes will
    DISCOURAGE crime!

    • Selfish- As a cop, you always want HIGH crime activity - because you want things to do and not get bored! So why demand higher crime activity from players and simultaneously jail them for it?

    • Selfless - cuff/uncuffing is a method of expressing generosity to the rebels which will always lead to respect - even if you SUCK AT DM, cant aim or bhop. Put yourself in the rebels shoes. Let them have fun! you dont always have to interfere! BEING COP IS NOT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR PAY - THATS WHAT REBEL IS FOR


    Heres a scenario where this comes into play. "Player A pays you 1000$ to keep a rdmer in jail." or "Asking a player to doorhack a door to get in and cuff" or "Specifically always jailing and not accepting a bribe from a rebel that rdms only you during your cop time."

    Whats the difference between rebels and cops?

    The dynamic of the rebels, is rooted through selfish gains and reactions (rdming, bank account, cash, property, doorhacking lockpicking etc)

    The dynamic of a cop , is rooted through selfless objective perspectives and fairness to all (judgement, law enforcement etc)

    There is a certain danger in mixing your feelings with judgement of criminals i highly recommend you seperate the rebel and cop mentality!

    What you want, is to be unpredictable with your reactions - occasionally let off the rdmer who massacres you with a cuff/uncuff - or jail a casual robber just cuz

    • Selfish - You DO NOT want to be accused for abuse or favoritism - as a cop or admin! people will disrespect you and will complain about you!

    • Selfless - When you applied for cop you swore to be impartial to ALL players - It doesnt hurt to cuff/uncuff a player that rdms you - they might leave you alone for that - trolls feed on reactions - and by leaving that behind, you are being objective!

    3. REALIZE THAT YOU ARENT THE ONLY COP - be conscious of other officers.

    Heres a scenario where this comes into play. "4 cops are already on, and you switch because you wanna be cop too" or "you've been cop for an hour, and two more cops log on, and you complain about losing your cuffs." or the big one............ "you accidentally uncuff another cops cuff by accident."

    It is very important to let other cops have their turn on daily shifts - we dont need more than 3 cops at one time!

    • if you've been cop for awhile, let someone else switch - or if you wanna switch ask someone to switch out!

    Use teamchat to communicate with other cops! - teamwork and coop between cops are encouraged!

    • Instead of racing or competeing for cuffs for yourself - say in teamchat who you're going for ahead of time - so it avoids accidental conflicts and accidental uncuffs!

    • Selfish - If you really want a promotion - Go Cop when there is no cops on, not when there is already 2-3 on - this is how you get noticed and recognized by admins!

    • Selfless - Give other cops a turn, and if your cop with another, communicate and cooperate so you have an easier time doing your job. DONT TRY TO GO SOLO ALL THE TIME.


    When players are in the pd, play along and dont ruin the fun!

    • Selfish - Its easier for you to kill a rebel than to try and cuff them and jail them during a pd raid

    • Selfless - To rebels, jailing during a PD raid is considered noobish and a bummer - play along with them and dont punish them for having fun!

    - You became cop, not to highten your ego, not to become an authority, not to gain respect, not to get weapons or health, not for promotions

    you applied for cop because you love the server, and the game doesnt work without someone to clear the crime and fight against. - your doing it for the rebels and the good of the server!

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