Admin Information & Rules

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  • Admin Information & Rules
    Only give noclip to yourself and other Admins.

    Do not use additem without Syle or a Root's consent.

    Do not give or sell anything given with additem.
    - Give excludes approved refunds.

    Do not give yourself money without Syle's consent.

    Do not give anyone a bounty.

    You are to only kill players with possible ways they could kill you.
    - This includes spawning props!

    Never use your Admin abilities to gain an advantage over other players, this includes money making.
    - This includes but is not limited to using Noclip or Bring @me to quickly traverse the map to deposit to a bank or sell drugs.
    - This includes but is not limited to using Noclip or Bring @me to enter another apartment to kill them or steal their belongings.

    New players are to be given a tour.
    - When busy, you are to instruct someone else to do so.
    - !tutorial is another good option to instruct them to use.

    You do not get the same amount of props a VIP does as an Admin unless you are in fact a VIP.
    - Obey the prop limit rule, 15 for a normal player, 20 for VIP!

    Never demote/promote a Cop WITHOUT a Root's consent.

    Do not ask for Promotions. (Promotions are given out when deserved)

    Only place players in the AFK room if their score is below 30.
    - Or if due to a map restart they have been placed out on the map when they were originally in a house.

    If a player legally owns an innerdoor/suite in someone else's house his Prop Limit applies to that room/suite.
    - Props may not be distributed all through the house, they must follow the Prop Limit of a home.

    Enclosed balcony's must be able to be properly seen and shot into. USE FENCES ONLY.
    - Open space in balcony area is also required.

    Players are to choose between being in a Gang and being a Cop, do not employ them back and forth.

    - If there is a language barrier try Google Translate or ask another player that speaks both languages.

    1. Resized-One-Way-View scenarios are only to be used at Fixed Windows.

    2. Propping Defense must allow clear shots for both Attacker and Defender during combat. (Location of shot doesn't matter)
    - Props are not to be set up in a way that the home owner can attack an intruder but the intruder can't fire back at all.
    - Example: Crouch Tunnel with a solid wall up against it that allows the home owner to shoot the intruders head but the wall completely blocks any shots the intruder makes.

    3. Black may not be used in Mazes or in groups which create a Black-Out Room.
    - Black may be used but there must be props that are either no colored or colored differently thus allowing a sense of orientation to all players.

    4. Transparent Props must be easily identified upon entering a home.
    - This means when entering a home if a Prop would be within your view then it must be able to be seen before affecting your movement or any shots you make.

    5. You may block extra doors on a property as long as one original linked door is left unblocked and accessible.

    Admin Commands and Info

    Admins [Go checkout the full list in console too]
    sm_status - See all current players details.
    smac_status - See all current players Steam IDs.
    /chat - Gamechat is directed to Admins.
    /psay - Private Messaging. Example: /psay Name "Hello"
    /tele @me - To teleport yourself.
    /bring [Playername] - You can put your own name here to take yourself somewhere.
    /goto [Playername] - Teleports you to the top of the specified players head.
    /givedoor [Playername] - Gives player access to door.
    /takedoor [Playername] - Takes a players access from the door.
    /noclip [Playername] - Gives no clip. Only use on other Admins.
    /god [Playername] 0/1 - Activates God Mode. You may use this while propping.
    /furnwho - Useful for finding who glitches props through doors etc.
    /vipcheck - Runs a Check for New VIPs.


    /linkpropdoor # - Links a prop to a door ID. Example: /linkpropdoor 777
    /unlinkpropdoor # - Unlinks a prop from a door ID. Example: /unlinkpropdoor 777
    /loaddoorfurniture - Loads the furniture for a door.
    /unloaddoorfurniture - Unloads the furniture for a door.
    /origin x y z
    /angles x y z
    /db_info - Gives information on the prop or object you are looking at.
    /db_create - Example: /db_create models/money/goldbar.mdl 1
    /save - Save that Prop's details to DataBase.
    /remove - Remove that Prop's details from the DataBase.
    /delete - Delete that Prop from the game - This does not take the Prop from the DataBase. If Saved it will return.
    /freezeit - Freezes a prop.
    /unfreezeit - Unfreezes a prop.
    /copy [Slot] - There are 5 slots available; slot range 1 - 5.
    /paste [Slot] - There are 5 slots available; slot range 1 - 5.
    /changecolor R G B A - Red Green Blue Alpha (Each have values range 0 - 255) Make sure to save afterwards.
    /straight - Sets a prop to it's proper base axis.
    /resize - Changes a props size. Make sure to save after getting desired size.

    Click button to view Auto.exec Prop Bind Diagram.

    Admin Forum Abilities

    Trial Admins cannot accept or deny Ban Requests or Applications.
    Basic Admins can accept or deny Ban Requests, But cannot accept or deny Applications.
    Super Admins can accept or deny Ban Requests and Cop Applications.
    Elite Admins can accept or deny Ban Requests and Cop Applications but cannot accept or deny Admin Applications.
    Root Admins can accept or deny Ban Requests and Cop Applications but not Admin Applications, they have a high sway in the recommendation but cannot give the final say.
    Only Syle, Eas, Dane, Cheesy or Beef can give the final word on an Abuse Report or Admin Application.

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