Cop Rules

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  • Cop Rules
    Cuff/Uncuff and Jail is at 1,800 + Crime.

    Do not shoot at Rebels unless shot at first.
    - The Player does not have to actually hit you, it just needs to be clear that they attempted to shoot you.
    - Cops cannot kill Cuffed Players inside Jail Cells.
    - During a Kickdoor raid of 4k crime+, All citizens inside protecting the criminal are able to be shot on sight.

    Do not Hit random Rebels with the Stunstick to Heal them unless asked. (This Includes Crossbow Skill Cuffs)
    - This is due to the Stunstick ''Healing'' a Player back to Full, however the problem is if a player used Sex or anther Health improving item then the "Healing" Effect actually lowers their Health back down to it's original max.

    Kickdoor can be used to access a criminal and/or contraband at 4,000+ crime.
    - This is only allowed if there is a door between you and the criminal with 4k crime+, regardless of door ownership
    - During a Kickdoor raid of 4k crime+, Any citizens inside are to be shot on sight
    - Once all criminals with 4k crime+ have been cuffed OR jailed, you may only use kickdoor to leave the property

    Do not Unjail another Cops prisoner without consent from that Cop.
    - Who you Jail/Cuff is your responsibility.

    Any Rebel(VIP or not) may be shot upon entering or being in the PD. (This includes the Roof, Ladder and Ledges)
    - This is a MAY, you don't have to but this ties into the Do Not Favor Rule below.

    Do not suicide to give Rebels free weapons.

    Do not switch back and forth between Rebel and Cop.
    - This Refers to Switching to Cop just to let out a friend and then swap right back to Rebel.
    - Switching to Cop to press Event Buttons (on applicable maps) and then switching right back to Rebel to take the rewards.

    Do not use keys as a Cop to arrest a criminal or for personal gain.
    - A Cop may open his own house or any other home they have keys to but they may not do so if they are trying to arrest someone or confiscate illegal goods.
    - A Cop may open the Main VIP door that all VIPs receive to arrest criminals inside the VIP building.

    Do not favor as a Cop, play fair.
    - To avoid favoritism. If you are going to release one of your jails, release them all.
    - Do not collude with rebels in any way to gain, elo, exp, or any other advantage using your cop status

    If there is a rule breaker, capture evidence and submit it to an Admin.

    If you visibly see a fellow Cop get shot by a Rebel, you may aid the Cop in killing the Rebel.

    Cop vs Cop fights are acceptable.
    - If the Cop you are attacking asks you to stop, you are required to stop.
    - This extends beyond a Disconnect and Reconnect meaning unless that Cop begins shooting at you this is a permanent stop.

    Off Duty Cops are permitted to AFK(Players are auto swapped to Off Duty when detected as being AFK)

    Promotions are automatically applied, do not ask.

    Breaking of ANY of these rules will result in the loss of your cop privileges.

    Lockdown Rules

    Anyone on the street during Lockdown can be shot.
    - Under 10's are Immune to Lockdown, Cops may not shoot them unless shot at.
    Anyone within a building is safe.
    - If a Rebel runs into a building while a Cop is shooting at them the Cop must cease firing.

    Cop Commands

    /kickdoor - Kicks down a door causing it to open without breaking locks.
    /accept - Used to accept a bribe.
    /viewbribes - Allows a Cop to View Current Bribes to Accept or Deny.
    /lockdown - Used to active Lockdown, Lockdown lasts 5 minutes and has a 60 minute Cooldown Period.

    Cop Ranks

    1. Police Officer = 0-699 Exp.
    2. Police Corporal = 700-1399 Exp.
    3. Police Sergeant = 1400-2099 Exp.
    4. Police Lieutenant = 2100-2799 Exp.
    5. Police Captain = 2800-3499 Exp.
    6. Police Major = 3500-4199 Exp.
    7. Police Colonel = 4200-4899 Exp.
    8. Chief of Police = 4900 Exp and Beyond.

    Cops receive 1 Exp per Cuff and 2 Exp upon sending the criminal to Jail with an additional 2 Exp for finding drugs on the criminal.
    3 Exp upon confiscating printers and plants.
    Cops earn $3 per second while a criminal that they cuffed remains in Jail.

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