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  • MexicanBanAppeal

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:67442156

    Your in-game Name: Mexi-Coon

    Why you got banned: Not sure on the specific reasoning to my ban, was messaged and told that I was banned due to Grenade glitching through door/wall. Killing Brian aka Blue.

    Other Information you think we should know: Welp, OK so I was fucking around with "Slim Shady" running in behind him ans killing him as he was going into his apt (Shared with Brian) As i was inside hophop'n around Brian's name popped up on screen through his door frame. So I shot him through it. Just didn't know that was against the rules. But if i am mistaken about this by all means i will accept my ban. :thumbdown:
    Also may I add, Was any proof giving to an admin that was substantial enough for a ban to be given out ? Or just going on the fact that someone cried ab00se hail
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  • You were banned due to logs showing a kill with zero instances of the door being opened when said death happened. No money was collected and the logical thought processes behind that lead to Grenade/Barrel Glitching.

    As a note this was all done though logs and not actually logging in game so room was assumed to be built correctly.

    I logged in now and checked the Room, you are indeed correct, you can shoot through the seams between the door and wall.

    Knowing this now I see that it's a Map Flaw with that building, all the rooms do it. So I will apologize for Banning you unjustly.

    Good news is you were gone for majority of the ban, so for the time I did Waste see me in game for a Compensation Package.