TOXIC Cop Application

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    • TOXIC Cop Application

      --Basic info--

      Age: 17 (2nd March)
      In-Game name: TØX!C
      SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34311786
      Time played: 81 hours


      Do you have a mic?: Yes I do.

      Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I love being Cop from time-to-time, and I was a former one on Chaos Crew's Server. Also, I can help the server have more active Cops on it.

      What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Jail criminals at 1800+ Crime and only kick a door if he/she has 4000+ Crime, it is not allowed to unjail others' prisonners without permit, do not switch to avoid jail or death, and shoot the rebels in the PD at sight.

      What is the function the Civil Protection?: To serve, protect and help Civilians, and arrest the criminals.

      If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: Wait till he/she gets above 1800 Crime, also ask the person to halt and stop it.

      How much time can you dedicate to the server(Include time zone):? I'm on 2-6 hours in the weekends, holidays or when I'm available and not busy as I often am. (GMT +2, Denmark)

      How will you benefit the server?: I play as much as possible and I bring along my kindness to the new players to help them out; such as mentioning !tutorial if they are unfamilliar with RP, or offering hints and methods with money-making, homes etc.

      Is this your first time as Civil Protection?: No, I have been employed on Chaos Crew when it was still running.

      A new player has joined the servers and no admins are on, how will you help this player?: Greet the new player welcome at first, ask if he/she is in need of help with making money, and offer hints for a cheap house, fast ways to earn cash, commands for planting and other basics.

      Anything else you would like to add?: I deeply appreciate it if I get accepted. :D I will do anything that is helpful for this community! :thumbsup:

      --End Application--
      Don't do the Crime, if you can't do the Time.