Freeman City v2 Bug Report Thread.

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    • Freeman City v2 Bug Report Thread.

      We did a lot of testing, however bugs and qwerks still tend to slip by. As such I am going to let rp_fmc_pn_v2a run its three or four month cycle, gather any bug reports brought to me here and fix them all for a v2b release.

      This is not a discussion thread, this a bug report thread.

      In your post state the bug, and a clear screenshot of it. I am not looking for weird physics events that took place. I am looking for bugs related to say props floating slightly off a wall, collisions with a non-aesthetic prop not being enabled or textures that are missing or gravely misaligned.

      Originally found by situational awareness on discord.

      The mid-section of this fence can be clipped through if you could and jump while moving towards it.

      Not game-breaking in any way, however a little out of place. I will clip the next update to follow. The top section will not be clipped so players not using double jump can still get over them.


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