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  • our Steam ID:

    Your in-game Name: Noodle

    Why you got banned:

    Other Information you think we should know: id like that say i think im a good player to the community.. have issues with Wobin, its like he wants players to get banned. i was facing the water to spawn a prop and it got stuck on accident.. it was basically me and him on the server cause it reset and we were killing eachother.. but I see how things work. he can snapchat an admin and get me banned onsite without talking to anyone.
  • You got banned because your exploiting the map with props, you got caught on video so yeah of course ima ban you through “snap chat”. You also said I couldn’t tell you where to spawn props, but guess what, you can’t glitch them inside doors like that. You could have crashed the server none the less, your lucky its only 12 hours. We have a demo of doing it, so it’s not just going off heresay. I really liked you noodles but these past 2 days you been showin me another side of you. I was gone give your cop back but now your gonna wait the full 3 months bud