Changing my name then banning me mr

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  • Changing my name then banning me mr

    As you can see here my name is changed from koolaid to random names which would kill me immediately then again about 30 seconds later, the soc's are a direct result of admin using powers to change my name and inadvertantly making me change my name back which it should not have been changed especoally not in such excessnor should it have been changed in the first place as it does not break any rules. Picture is is a lie ascan be seen in demo he never changed my name from *****

    Your in game name:Clitcommander
    Staff in question: Hand of Doom
    What rules did staff break" Changing names then banning me for soc that resulted, real life threats.
    Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:6080488
    I was dming and when i changed my name to koolaid doom continued to change it to some odd bs for about 20 minutes rendering the inability to combat anyone effectively and killing me multiple times, sometimes being delayed for about 30 seconds hence killing me in combat, as this was happening koolaid says "oh if he can break rules i will to" and as you can see in video he does exactly that, which was allowed by said admin. I had no intent at any time to SOC during combat i was very much trying to dm everyone. I would change my name, it would kill me instantly and then kill me again 30 seconds or so later sometimes in combat, i dont know why again ive never had to repeatedly change my name back, SOC was a direct cause of admin using powers given to them and changing my name.

    I believe you even hear the admin saying how he was telling me "i should snort my medicine and that he would come jam one in my eye and punch it until it swells shut" =O oh and hes "serious" Clear Abuse Of Power and Definitively Verbal Assault and Clear Verbal intent to do actual harm. Of Which others would be banned per they say that to him.
    Demos on youtube are split in 1 10 minute segment and 1 7 minute segment

    proof :