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    • So I know this is a VERY unpopular opinions binds should not be allowed anymore. It's a cheap tactic to make weak players stronger. Plus the person that started allowing it again isn't even around anymore. Also, the combat flag is also shitty sometimes. A lot of times, a player uses a health bind and runs away, never to shoot you again, but you can't suicide because you are flagged. I think the timer should be shortened. But that's just me and I'm a dumb person
    • Thank you for sharing your suggestion and opinion about the "Food-Binding", littlepizzabutt.

      Just because you're not using it, doesn't mean others aren't allowed to use it. Just because it's a "cheap tactic".

      Binds are there to make it easier getting access to items in the inventory. There is even a tutorial in the motd how to set binds.
      We shouldn't forget, that the healing process is interrupted when getting damaged from other Players. (I highly doubt, that everyone is using Hungry Man's)

      I never had an issue to fight against food binding players.
      The key is to actually hit your shots.

      It doesn't really matter if the Person who allowed this again isn't around anymore. This was still decided for a reason.

      I consider suicide way worse than someone using food to heal back up. SoC is a common issue on this Server and is not tolerated by anyone.
      I disagree about lowering the timer of being 'combat flagged'
      You can't just use your example about someone runs away and not shooting at you anymore. There are people deathmatching and chasing each other till the end.
      Players could just suicide then and it would result in a SoC.

      You're not a dumb Person. Maybe just weird sometimes and too emotional about everything.