Gamemode: Pirate Ship Wars 2 Revival - Official News

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    • Gamemode: Pirate Ship Wars 2 Revival - Official News

      Server is up and running and listed in the sticky for Garry's Mod section.
      CoLD Community Pirate Ship Wars 2 Revival | Modified


      - Pushed propwalking update that was updated some more on github. Improves physics but needs view interpolation to smooth it. Helps game some more now.

      - !respawn available to respawn on ship spawnpoints for your team

      - !unstuck will unstuck a player if they are in an object or the world automatically.

      - Atmospheric mod (Weather day/night)
      - !RTV Fixed
      - !stuck semifixed
      - Playermodels animating
      - Sword lunging with secondary attack and 15 second cool down implemented
      - Ship-walking script

      - Fixed Swords on Red team not being held properly


      Booze drinking weapon usable - idk what buff to add or if to make a sea-worthy pirate drunk.
      Flare gun - idk what it should do besides visual

      Implement brig below deck system

      Rework weapons with new world models and shared lua code

      CMD AirMove code for simulating jump while surface script is active for ships

      Lots of fixes and updates are planned for this is a classic gmod minigame.
      Fix RTV
      Sword lunging
      Much more...

      Currently playermodels arent animating - game is old and models might use custom anims that gmod update broke.

      On the fort map there isn't a win condition for pirates attacking 'Jones Crew' or 'Redcoats' in the fort. Was thinking of adding a capture the flag entity or something.

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