Meet the mailman!

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    • Meet the mailman!

      Meet the Mailman! a player who job it is to collect newspapers, have the option to write messages into the papers, and send them to players and sell them. it wouldn't make servers crash since he would pick the papers off the ground like the trash man. and instead of getting paid to despose of the papers. he receives cash by selling the papers to other players. and the best part! he can write anything. books, stores, jokes, why doggy keeps posting that message about sucking dog dick. anything! and they'd get paid for it if someone wants to buy there crap.

      To change the title of the paper. type /paper name "sample"
      and description would be. /paper desc "bush did 911"

      buying the papers would work like the medics shop thingy. and the papers available to buy would be name the title that you chose. why do we need it? its an RP server, people would use it for advertising or memes. maybe even add a funny hat that just sits on the players head, or a backpack maybe. i like the idea of certain jobs having small cosmetic changes. maybe do it for more jobs like medic or hit man